Our Investigation Services

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Our service areas are staffed by specialty to include:

Background Checks: We help you make an informed decision with background checks for employment, contractor vetting, due diligence, child care, divorce and custody, litigation, criminal cases, dating and law school character and fitness. These are accomplished through the use of municipal, county, state, and federal databases, record checks and in the field investigations and my include civil, domestic, education and financial records. Not all background checks are equal; please visit our background check page to learn more.

Criminal Cases: If you have been arrested and need help supporting your case, or if you are an attorney, court appointed psychologist or psychiatrist and want more information, we can help. Our criminal case investigators obtain records, locate and talk to witnesses, evaluate evidence, review crime scenes and liaise with other specialists as needed.

Asset and Bank Account Locates and Judgment RecoveryOur investigators are here to help you satisfy your judgment and your desire to make things right. We use our skip tracing tools find employment, bank and brokerage accounts, obtain records, identify the owners of real property and help untangle the corporate and business entity structures. We serve garnishments for banks and assets and can help verify information for judgment debtor exams. 

Cell Phone, Computer and Digital Forensics: It's surprising how much data exists and just how many devices capture and hold this data. Many times deleted data is not gone and nothing is truly hidden. We can quickly and easily identify if information is present to support your corporate, criminal, marital case and information can be quickly retrieved, sometimes the same day. 

Workplace, Employee, or Corporate Investigations: Are you missing money, account lists or company property? Has there been a suspicious theft or recent loss of business? Our trained investigators can evaluate records, monitor activity or conduct undercover operations to determine if something is amiss. We also provide competitive intelligence investigations.

Missing Persons: Have worked as police officers, we are able to understand what information should be available, obtain and interpret it for use in your case. We have great success getting local and out of state records quickly and easily. 

SIU, Personal Injury or Worker's Comp Insurance Services: Who better to read an accident or police report than an investigator that used to write them? Having worked for insurance companies and police departments, we understand both sides of the issue in an insurance or personal injury case. We can evaluate reports, verify and investigate scenes and police procedure, locate and talk to witnesses and conduct surveillance as needed.

Cold Case Investigations: Whether it's a missing person, unsolved crime or just a gnawing uncertainty, our cold case investigators are here to review, check facts and help you understand what actually occurred.

Process ServingWe provide expert service of process for individuals, law firms, and corporate clients. Our specialty is difficult serves for local, statewide and national clients.

Elder Abuse: Are you concerned about a parent or friend of the family? As age progresses, the opportunity for someone to take advantage of your loved one increases. We can help you determine what exactly is going on and provide peace of mind or refer you to other services as needed.

Identity Theft: With the availability of information all over the place, and the inability to secure it all, identity theft does happen. We are able to track information on fraudulent use and gather evidence for prosecution or to provide for banks and credit reporting agencies.


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Our strategic private investigation resources can assist with any need in the contiguous United States as well as Alaska, Hawaii and the District of Columbia. We are also able to coordinate International services as well.

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