Introduction to Court Pleadings & Other Documents: For Process Servers, Private Investigators and Legal Professionals

Learn to recognize the documents you will be using on a daily basis.

About this course:

In this course we will review the most common pleadings, the styling or caption, scenarios surrounding service,advice on things to include in the proof of service and how this document may relate to your case.

As a process server you will be asked to serve many kinds of documents. Some states have restrictions as to which you are authorized to serve. Too, many of the documents require different service methods. Lastly, many of the pleadings require different language be included in the proof of service for it to be valid.

If you are a new process server, or if you have been serving in one area of specialty (such as criminal, civil or family) you may be unfamiliar with all of the options out there. And, many times, such as in Arizona, the laws require YOU to ensure that the documents are "valid on their face" which can be hard to do if you don't even know what you're looking at!

As a private investigator or other legal professional, you may be researching or interpreting legal documents to provide a trail on a case or to figure out who is whom. It really helps to understand what these documents are used for and how they may relate to the party in question. 

And, many times these documents will provide valuable case information and new leads.

This course will benefit you by:

- Saving you time in your day to day work as you will be easily able to recognize the documents
- Saving you embarrassment and potential loss of clients due to lack of knowledge and improper service
- Making you more money as you can better price service knowing the ease or difficulty of same
Enhancing your skill set and ability to do the job, allowing you to command higher fees and get steady clients
Providing one hour of continuing education credit

Why should you take this course from me?
I'm Christine, a licensed and working Arizona Process Server and agency owner since 2008. I regularly train process servers to pass their licensing tests, start their business and provide continuing education and best practices.
I work in this industry day in and day out and can share the nuances of the law and practical scenarios to help you absorb the information better. This will help you interpret the questions and the determine the most correct answer.

You are taught by an approved Arizona Supreme Court instructor who is also a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor and University instructor.

Since I am actively working, I can tell you what information is most critical and how it has impacted my work on a daily basis. I can prevent many of the pitfalls that I myself, and others experienced having to figure it out for themselves.

How To Attend This Course:

This course consists of one (1) scheduled live session, taught online in a live virtual classroom where you can conveniently attend from your computer or cell phone. (Please contact us if alternate dates and times are needed).
Using the FREE Zoom software (Apple and Android), you will have the ability to participate by video (everyone sees everyone as in a real classroom) or by phone only (you can see us but we can't see you). You will have the ability to ask questions and make comments in real time. It's great as it not only saves money on gas but it saves commute time too!

Get Continuing Education Credit (CE)

This course provides one hour (1) of continuing education credit and a personalized certificate is available upon successful completion of the course.