Insurance Claim Investigations

Fraud Investigations 

We can help you with your insurance fraud investigations. 

  • Health insurance fraud investigation. Our Investigators will help provide evidence to determine whether someone is getting paid for health care that they are not receiving or is filing health care claims and requests that are not valid or needed.

  • Car insurance fraud investigation. There have been instances where people have staged accidents, where they purposely hit another car and then try to accuse the other driver of an accident in order to file claims. We have also seen cases for vehicle theft fraud, where someone is trying to get money for a car which was not, in fact, stolen. 

  • Home insurance fraud investigation. In this type of insurance investigation, investigators discover disaster fraud, which includes false claims of damage. They also investigate property fraud to find evidence against those who make false claims about property damage.

  • Life insurance fraud investigation. Investigators work to uncover cases of people who claim life insurance while still alive or those who claim too much in life insurance.

  • Workers compensation fraud investigation. Insurance investigators work to find evidence of workers who claim compensation when not as injured as they claim.

  • Insurance company investigation. Investigators also work to uncover evidence of bad business practices at insurance companies. If an insurance company takes your money but does not compensate you as promised, a professional investigator can help you make your case in court.

Insurance Plaintiff's Claims and Insurance Defense Investigations 

Whether you are suing your insurance company or you are the insurance company being sued, we can help you.

Our investigators are former police officers and insurance Special Investigations Unit (SIU) investigators so we understand both sides of the equation, what it takes to substantiate a claim and what each side may be seeking. 

Put us to work so that your case will be settled quickly. 

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