As I'm sure with many professions, I get asked the question, "What does it cost to do a background check?" or "How much do you charge for this?" 

A recent posting in our investigator forum was talking about a new service whereby investigators would work at a set rate, which is at least 2/3rd's lower than my rate. And, from the comments on the post, I gather it was well below what those investigators were charging too.

If you were going in to have a serious surgery or procedure done, let's say brain surgery or heart surgery, would you want the cheapest doctor our there or would you want the one that has done this COUNTLESS times before and is a specialist in what they do? I think that's an easy answer.

Why then, are you seeking a low budget investigator? Why do you think it's not worth spending the money to find out? How much does peace of mind cost? What does that MasterCard ad say, "PRICELESS."

I have had people say to me, "Where were you when X happened?" or "I should have called you before?" and I have had, "You were right and I should have listened to you."

If you are facing a divorce and could potentially lose property, income and benefits, the time is NOW before things are court mandated or before assets are gone. If you are facing a criminal conviction, the time is NOW to gather the evidence and review the case presented by the prosecution. If you are facing a custody issue, the time is NOW to document and shore up your case before losing rights to your child or before having an unmanageable child support payment looming over you each month. What is the cost one, two or ten years down the road? Small in comparison to finding a way to pay for the expertise you need. 

Spend a little now and save a lot later. Hired a professional, experienced investigator.