I recently took a phone call from a potential client (and actually had an email from another) asking if we purchased judgments. These people had been awarded a judgment and were waiting to collect. They possibly did not know how to recover their money or were tired of dealing with it and wanted someone else to take care of it.  Before I answered their question, I provided them with a little background about me and how and why I do business like I do. 

I have been working on judgment recovery for several years and when I first started, I bought judgments. The standard industry fee is around 40 - 60% of the recovered funds going to the judgment recovery professional, in this example, the person that owns the judgment. In my cases, I was keeping 40 - 60% of the judgment after my fees and costs were paid. Depending on the judgment, this was a lot of profit, which was good for me, but not so good for the original owners who were duped or scammed or ended up on the bad end of a deal. 

In working judgments on contingency, I found that I had to outlay my cash and time to work all of these judgments and over the period of weeks to months that it took to actually get the money in my hand, I was missing out on ongoing income to keep my business afloat. I also had to take on different types of work so that I could be paid real time, and keep the business running. I found this diluted my focus and only allowed me a limited time to work on the judgments, thus dragging out the process and the extending the time to recover the funds. Neither myself of my clients were happy.

Fast forward to now, where I work judgment recovery on a fee/cost basis. This means that I only charge the client the costs (database access, filing fees, document fees) and fees (hourly investigative rate). It really speeds up the process and we both get our money faster and the client gets to keep way more of their money. 

As an example, one of the potential clients asked me about her case where she was owed $38,000. If I took the standard 60%, she would only net  $15,200 and I would get $22,800. In the other case, where the judgment was $400,000, the client would net $160,000 and I would get $240,000. That hardly seems fair to me for something that amounts to a bank locate and maybe an hour or two of investigator time, say $700.....to lose that kind of money is crazy.

Yes, I know you are frustrated and I know you just don't want to deal with it buy every penny does count! Why be on the losing end of what is supposed to be a win? If you work with us, you retain your entire judgment and may be able to offset our costs and add them to the judgment. It's a win win for both of us!

If you have a judgment and you are not sure what to do, please schedule a FREE consultation with us. We will be happy to go over your options with you to find the most expedient and cost effective solution for you to recover your judgment.