Do you sometimes feel that your employees are like the spit backs in the box of chocolates? Is it hard to find qualified help, or, do you think you've found the right one or ones, only to find out they have taken advantage of you, tarnished your image with your clients or worse yet, stolen from you?

I recently met with Bob Wilson of Bob Wilson Solutions, based in Gilbert Arizona. Bob works with businesses to create very productive and low stress workplaces. He has many solutions in his arsenal and in one of his blog posts he talks about ways to prevent problem employees and discusses his naivete....."When I first started managing people over 20 years ago, I remember thinking: “This will be easy, I get along well with everyone and I’m a reasonable person.” "I was so wrong. Managing others is difficult. Employees will say and do things you never thought you would hear or see. Even good employees can be a challenge at times. But when you have a “problem” employee, the challenges increase exponentially." This is so true and it's unfortunate that I get so many calls after the fact, when the damage has been done. The best scenario is to identify a problem employee before they are hired.

A proper background check is very helpful. Do you or have you considered background checking before you hire? And, do you continue to monitor employees during the course of their employment? If not, you should, and if you do and are still having issues, maybe it's time to make an evaluation of the type and method (or vendor) of background check used. 

I was recently talking with another private investigator about a case they were working. We were discussing past history and I found out that the investigator did not realize that not all crimes were reported into the system and that many times they required a conviction to show up. Too, many behaviors and character issues cannot be found without an in depth search. If you think you may have issues with your current service or wish to start services, please let us know and we can perform a review of your current process or implement one for you. You can schedule a free consultation here or call (480) 588-0511.

In addition to better hiring, you can be a hands-on owner or manager and monitor what is going on within your business and with your employees. Many times a good apple can go bad, depending on personal issues or an unresolved work issue. 

Bob provides 6 methods to use to help avoid problems and you can find them here. Being involved in the beginning and throughout the life-cycle of an employee, may just yield the sweetest results yet!