Are you trying to find someone or some thing?

Do you feel that the facts just don't make sense or something is being left out?

Are you getting the, "I don't have to talk to you" or "Show me a subpoena" from officers or other officials involved in the case?

Many times the, "devil" IS in the details, as the popular saying goes, no matter what color hat you are wearing :)

So much information can be gained from various reports and documentary sources - you just need to know what to look for and how to get them.

Stop wasting time and eliminate the runaround...

We tell you what's available and provide all of the information sources here in this course!

Taught by a former police officer, and current process server and private investigator agency owner, this class benefits investigators, process servers, attorneys and anyone who wishes to learn more about the types of police reports available.

Best yet, this class is part of our $18 in '18 program - where you can save on your required continuing education.

NOTE: To take advantage of the $18 in '18 program savings, you must purchase the PROGRAM and not the individual class.

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