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Valentine's Day Gifts Are Here!

Posted by Christine Burke on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, In : private investigation 
Check out our Facebook page to learn more and get your present!
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Free Shredding in Scottsdale and Mesa to Support Shop With A Cop

Posted by Christine Burke on Saturday, October 3, 2015, In : Causes 

FREE SHREDDING for donations in Scottsdale and Mesa to support SHOP WITH A COP and PROJECT BLUE CHRISTMAS.

We are volunteering to help underprivileged children have the Christmas they deserve. We are working with AZ LEOS to raise money and assist at the event.

Please check out the link below for SHREDDING dates and times.

We are requesting unused Gift Cards for Target and Walmart to be used at the event to shop for the kids and also items for the Silent Auction. We are trying to raise $100 per c...

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Can You Help Me With My Insurance Claim?

Posted by Christine Burke on Monday, February 2, 2015, In : Insurance Investigations 

Yes, we can! Don't just take "no" for an answer!

In trying to have an insurance claim paid, it can be a big fight depending on what company you are dealing with, what claims representative you get, the circumstances involved and how much money is on the line.

Take it from me, who just recently had to fight her own battle. And, I used to work for an insurance company - I knew what they were telling me was not right and I continued to move forward until my claim was taken care of properly.

If you ...

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