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Judgment Recovery Workshop

May 8, 2018

We just scheduled a complimentary workshop:

Today is THE DAY! It's Judgment Day!

It's your day, right now, right this second, as you read this page.

You may have just won a small claims, civil case or difficult divorce. Maybe you have just recorded your judgment and don't know what to do. Could it be that you have worked so hard on this, by yourself, and don't know where to go now? Better yet, maybe it's the day that you say "Enough is enough!" and take action.

Today it's about satisfaction....not only satisfaction of the judgment, but personal satisfaction knowing that the wrong action was righted and that you have stood up and said, "Not to me, you don't!" and "You didn't get away with it."

I Understand What You Are Going Through - Who Knew?

When I was younger, my mother sued a local car dealer and won. As we were walking out of court, the lawyer told her that the court had ruled in her favor. She was so excited - she would get her money back! Well, it doesn't really work that way does it?

When my mother left court, she was the victor, and all she had to show for it was a piece of paper judgment in her favor. There was no moola, no cold hard cash, not even a promise to pay. Just a court decision (which was cool) and not the final hurrah.

She did not have anyone to guide her, and worse yet, she had no idea that she would have the "job" of recovering the money. Can you feel the need for patience here? Fast forward several years and, low and behold, she got a call from a lawyer. Turns out the dealership was in the process of being sold and thus the judgment had to be satisfied. And, my mom got paid. Thank goodness my mom's lawyer had recorded the judgment. Otherwise, it may have never been addressed at the sale, or even addressed at all. But why wait?

Here's Where It Gets Really Awesome!

You don't have to worry about a similar fate or be frustrated any more. You now have me! Because of my love of investigation and desire for others NOT to go through what my mother experienced, I poured my heart and soul into learning about and offering judgment recovery training and services. I want everyone to say, "It's Judgment Day!" reveling in both the judgment satisfaction AND most importantly the personal satisfaction.

In this complimentary live workshop, private investigator and judgment recovery professional Christine Burke of Strategic Intelligence Services PLLC will teach you the strategies used by successful judgment recovery professionals :

We want you to get satisfaction of your judgment; COMPLETE satisfaction, literally and emotionally.

We will discuss:

  • Recording Your Judgment
  • Locating Debtors
  • Finding Employers
  • Discovering Assets and Bank Accounts
  • Garnishing Money and Assets
  • Renewing Your Judgment and more.

How to Attend:

Our workshop will be broadcast live with the ability for you to ask questions of our presenter.

We expect this workshop will fill up fast and to ensure we get an accurate headcount for our streaming services be sure to register early!

Can't Make The Date?

Sign up for a FREE consultation with Christine or check out our Judgment Recovery Services.

We look forward to seeing you online!



Process Server Systems: Work Smarter Not Harder, Save Time And Make More Money

March 31, 2018
Happy Saturday! I just released a new class in the school:

Process Server Systems

It's part of the Just '18 in '18 bundle where each class is only $18 and a new class is released each month.

If you are not a member of the school, you may wish to sign up so that you get notifications of new classes. These are not only for Process Servers but Private Investigators, other legal professionals and business owners too!


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Bank Account Locates and Financial Services For Judgment Recovery

March 18, 2018

We offer the following services to help you locate assets to recover on your judgment:

Statewide Bank Locate Person (SBP):
$200 hit, $40 no hit

Requires full name, DOB and SSN. We search for all open bank accounts within the STATE attached to subject’s name and SSN regardless of the title or balance, including personal, business, trust, safety deposit box, or guardian types of accounts. Account numbers are not returned. Exclusions billed at $25 per bank on no hits.

FEIN Locate: $100 hit, ...

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New Class: Ethics for the Arizona Private Process Server

January 16, 2018

Are you a private process server looking for continuing education credits?

Maybe need a refresher on some of the rules and regulations?

How about best practices to guide your business?

We've got them here!

About This Course:

In this class we review the Arizona Code Of Judicial Administration Section 7-204 as it relates to private process server conduct and ethics.

We discuss things like:

- Rules and Applicable Law

- Professionalism

- Ethics

- Candor

And discuss real world instances and scenarios to furt...

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Arizona Private Process Server Certification Exam Prep Class - Now Take Online 24-7

December 18, 2017


We are exited to announce that our most sought after Arizona Private Process Server Certification Exam Prep Class is now available ANYTIME you want it! 

Yes, that's right, you can take it from your home, phone, tablet or anywhere there is an internet connection.

This saves on gas and time and even money, as the online version saves you $100 as opposed to other schools and $79 off of the live class. NOTE: You can still upgrade to add the one on one session. This o...

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Maricopa County Contract Investigator Resources

December 1, 2017

We are excited to announce we are an approved Maricopa County, Arizona, approved contract vendor for private investigation.
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Arizona Private Process Server Program

November 29, 2017

Looking to become certified as a private process server in Arizona? If so, you will have to pass the examination and testing which is approved by the Arizona Supreme Court and administered in the county in which you reside. More information about the process is here.

This private process server program is available in the following Arizona counties:

Apache, Coconino, Cochise, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz, Yavapai, and Yuma.

You can find a LIST...

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Educational and Marketing Deductions for 2017

November 13, 2017

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Website 101 - Private Investigator Edition Class

November 6, 2017

Would you like to know how I generate 99.9% of all new investigation business from the web?

Best yet, this is happening a majority of the time while I am sleeping, working with other clients, or goofing off :) 

You have the skills and ability to help others in your investigator business but that doesn't mean a damn if they can't find you.


My name is Christine Burke and I...

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Unleash Your Inner Investigator - Pre-registration Now Open!

October 29, 2017

We are SO excited to announce our newest class. You KNOW you've always wanted to be a private investigator and now you can UNLEASH YOUR INNER INVESTIGATOR during our class and beyond!

We are taking pre-registration before opening to the general public and this will allow you to take advantage of FREE or low cost tuition. 

You are able to register on the website now. 

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