Frequently we get calls such as, "I need to serve someone but I don't know where they are" or "I need to serve someone but I don't know their exact name". Don't give up on what you need to do, get help from an experienced investigator so you can find the person.

We recently assisted two clients who needed to locate someone to serve papers. In one case, it was an estranged spouse and they were unsure where the party was located. We were able to conduct a database search (which can be quick an inexpensive when done right) and coordinate that information with some government resources involved. We found that the subject was out of state and were able to mail the papers for service per the appropriate rules of court.

In the second case, this involved a tenant, where the landlord only had the first name and a purported last name of the individual. We were able to use the database and conduct research and use that in conjunction with a license plate obtained by the landlord. As licensed investigators, we are able to access Arizona DMV information, to include photos for identification. We found the subject in question and actually some potential fraud too....turns out based on our careful examination of the database records and review of the DMV records, this person may have obtained a driver's license under a false name, which has been turned over to the DMV for investigation. When serving this person, we will be sure to include any names and AKA's that this person may have been using.

Have you had an issue with locating someone? If so, please call us (480) 588-0511 or email us for help.