Recently I have seen advertisements for several Dr. Phil shows which discuss "phantom" or "scam" relationships. Usually it involves a lover that is out of the country and the "victim" is the party that is here in the states who truly believes that this relationship exists. During the course of the "courtship" the victim sends money and property over to the "beloved" while putting up with excuse after excuse as to why they are delayed in meeting. Typically these relationships arise through social networking or dating sites even though those companies do their best to thwart it.

It seems that what is VERY clear to friends and family gets diluted by "love" and rose colored glasses and this disillusionment really takes a toll on the unsuspecting party with loss of home, income and other close personal relationships.

It does not have to be just other-continent relationships as these things occur here in the states, even locally, when someone takes advantage of someone else. I have unfortunately conducted more investigations than I would like where a caregiver or "sweet young thing" takes advantage of a naive or elderly individual.

Too, it doesn't have to involve a younger, more inexperienced or senior, as regular relationships can suffer from one party being taken advantage of.

I always recommend that if you "have that gut feeling" you probably already know and we can certainly confirm things for you. We also recommend conducting a background check on your dating prospects and certainly have a check done prior to moving in with them or getting married, as these situations can create certain financial and other obligations. We also offer an Invest-date course where we can educate you on safe dating and what to look out for.

If you suspect that someone you love is the victim of fraud, please do not hesitate to contact us, or contact the authorities.