Run on over to our school where we not only have continuing education for process servers, private investigators and other legal professionals. we have FUN too!

Classes like:

*Making Your First Serve

*The Most Common Types of Police Reports That Are Helpful For Process Servers, Private Investigators and Attorneys

*Website 101

*You CAN Write Now

*Grab More Customers With Google

*Introduction To Court Pleadings And Other Docs

*Arizona Private Process Server Exam Prep Class

*Background Checks: Beyond The Basics

*Process Server 10 Hour CE Package

*Ethics For Arizona Private Process Servers

*Rules And Types of Service

*Process Server Systems

*Why Do You Do THAT?

*Work Smarter, Not Harder

*Cash In On Customer Service

*Judgment Recovery Workshop

*Mission Critical: The Marketing Must Haves

*Introduction To Wage Garnishment

*How To Find People For FREE

*Rules Review For Arizona Process Servers

* Cha-Ching! $$$ Money In The Inbox

*Process Server Safety

And, goodness gracious, if you CAN'T find something there, we can do a one on one session or create something tailored just for you or your organization WITH a certificate.

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