We all love this saying but it sometimes seems hard to implement when we are dealing with someone we love, or parting with money. 

We (my family and I) are coming out of the most recent Hurricane Irma and it can be a very frustrating time. I remember going through Hurricane Andrew and the waiting seemed to be unbearable, along with all of the clean up after. Now, we are VERY thankful that the hurricane treated South Florida better than expected.

And, like with background checks, gut feelings, due diligence and the like, you can see how Georgia and North Florida fared...because they did not EXPECT what happened and were not prepared for what did. Because, it was not supposed to happen to THEM....have you thought this or told this to yourself now or in a past sitution?

Take the time, spend the money (which is like one hundredth of what it may cost if the caca hits...) and make sure you are going to come out unscathed. 

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