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Moving Forward - Debtor Locates

Posted by Christine Burke on Thursday, June 25, 2015, In : Missing Persons and Locates 

One of the frequent calls I get is for assistance in locating people and debtors. As an investigator, we have access to a wealth of databases, including driver's license and registration information.

I just received this information regarding the most popular moving months from TransUnion:

They advise that from their analysis, there is a "seasonality" for moving which extends from July through December with August scoring the highest for moves. This may coincide with the end of summer and start...
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How Do You Know? Trust Your Gut!

Posted by Christine Burke on Saturday, June 6, 2015, In : private investigation 

Sometimes when I review a case. or talk to a person, an idea or determination comes to mind. I just know what to do, or what is going on. Clients, friends and family will ask me, "How do you know?" and my answer most of the time is, "I just do" and I can't pinpoint why.

I am truly a believer in "Gut Feelings" as those gut feelings kept me alive on the street for many years. It still saves me today in both my work and my personal life.

A lot of times though, because you can't elaborate on the w...
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