Yep, I'll take the analogy, of course I love dogs!!!

No really, I have been called a "dogged investigator" and "like a dog with a bone" with relation to my investigative style. I take that as praise and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Recently, that canine comparison came to a head on a criminal investigation. We had heard rumors of a similar incident where it may have been a false report, which would certainly help our current case. Nothing like a "crying wolf" witness to add lack of credibility (and please excuse the other animal pun).

I was asked to try to locate this alleged report without a place or year. I contacted the local agencies and spoke to the records clerk at the police department in the most probable location (out of state - otherwise I would have gone in person). The clerk "looked" and told me that they had no records. I asked them to search by name, by location, by other parties' names and also by general incident type. She advised she had NOTHING. That just didn't sit right by me because I had that gut feeling or intuition. I then called the Captain of the Investigations Bureau, explained what I was looking for and he refused to search because the records clerk had already done so. Hmph.....

I then decided to write a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Request) to that department because, having worked for the police department in the past, and being familiar with Records Departments, I KNOW there is more than one way to skin a cat (sorry).

Lo and behold! The same police department that told me no, TWICE, actually had the records and they were supportive of our case - just what we needed! They sent them to me right away and my client the defense attorney said, "WOW" and that's exactly right. Wow, because it took three tries to get it right and WOW because it is critical evidence.

Just goes to show that you pay attention to your gut and never give up!