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One Satisfied Client Says...

I have had the pleasure of knowing Christine for the past 5 years.  When I first started my Private Investigations business in Arizona, Christine was one the first people that sat down with me and explain the rules and laws of Arizona.  Last year I took on the added service of Process Serving.  Once again, I contacted Christine to help my son and I prepare for the Arizona Process Servers test.  Christine's knowledge, one on one tutoring style, and explanation of the Court Rules, and Arizona laws were on point with what we needed to know for the test.  I would highly recommend Christine, if your planning on either starting a private investigators or process serving business.

Bob Nalett
Lawman Investigations, LLC
Phoenix, AZ

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Christine Burke Private Investigator and Process Server Marketing and Optimization Speech 2016 AALPI Conference Tucson

Marketing and Optimizing Your Private Investigator and Process Server Business

Featured speaker at the 2016 AALPI and APSA conference, Tucson Arizona