Do you have a favorite restaurant here in town? You know the place, where it's usually great and then one day you get awful service? Or maybe it's a change of management?

I know just the thing! Yesterday I had one of the worst meal experiences in a local Tempe restaurant which is part of a small local chain. I love going to this restaurant, just not the Tempe location.

The best part of knowing a chain restaurant is supposed to be consistent service at all locations and knowing that your favorite food will be there.

As a business owner, what can you do when it's not? Or, how do you find out that service and/or food is not up to par PRIOR to losing your customer base? That's where we can help with mystery shopping investigations and audits.

When I contacted this restaurant management, they advised that they knew they had problems with the location and had recently changed management. They thought that would help but I had to tell them it did not. Not only did I have an issue with the manger but the staff was goofing around and not concerned about taking care of the customers.

The restaurant advised that they had done "management audits" but a lot of time that is not effective as it is not the true unbiased customer experience and a lot of times employees know, or expect management personnel.

Instead of a semi-"Undercover Boss" let us complete a mystery shop/customer service experience for you.