"My custody arrangements are not fair!" 
and "Can you get me evidence for my custody hearing? are two things that we hear quite a bit about.

Whether your divorce has been finalized or you are currently involved with divorce proceedings, you may wish to consider hiring an investigator. There are many ways that we can help.

Recently we assisted with a custody investigation to verify assertions made by one parent regarding availability for child care and stated current job responsibilities. Our client's attorney had recommended an investigator to help document the facts of the current situation as one parent, on the surface based on stated facts, appeared to be a sure win for primary custody.

Through surveillance and other investigative means, we were able to determine that the assertions made by this parent were in fact not entirely true and would have a significant impact on the custody proceedings, more than likely in the favor of our client.

Other situations can involve verifying living conditions for your minor child and verification of address and assets for the separated or ex-spouse. We are also able to investigate parties living in the home with the minor children and complete background investigations as needed. 

An investigator can also help to uncover assets prior to the divorce and ensure that the stated living situation is as it is represented for the soon to be ex-spouse.

When you involved in a custody or divorce proceeding and are represented by counsel, we recommend that you get approval from the attorney prior to any work. This way we can ensure that it does not jeopardize your case and that attorney client privilege applies if needed.

If you have questions about child custody investigations, divorce, or asset investigations, please give us a call 480-588-0511, or c us for help!