Hi, I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I wanted to send some updates on our classes and educational materials...

For Our Process Servers

First of all, congratulations to our most recent graduates of our Arizona Private Process Server Exam Prep course!!!! Way to go!!!!! Everyone passed the licensing exam and we haven't lost one yet!

If you are seeking licensing for process serving and you have not taken your test, we have just scheduled our remaining classes for October, November, December 2017 and January 2018. September is completely sold out but we can work with you one on one. We have 2 formats for the prep class - one all day class and a three-day option. These are live classes held virtually where you can attend from anywhere! We are working on launching a self-paced online course too - I just have to record all of it!

Now that you are ready to go - you may wish to check out our book - Making Your First Serve: A Process Server's Guide - What You Need To Know Before You Go!! You can save over $2 off the Amazon published price by using the link above. This book outlines techniques and points out things you might not have thought of when you are first starting out serving.

We also have our newest class Introduction To Court Pleadings and Other Docs For Process Servers. This is a live class to go over the types of documents you will be serving and the proper methods to serve them. The next class is scheduled for August 22, 2017 (just after the eclipse).

For Our Private Investigators

We have just launched our self-paced course The Most Common Types of Police Reports That Are Helpful For Process Servers, Private Investigators and Attorneys. If you have not worked in the police department, you may not be aware of all the places information may reside. This is great to help you locate witnesses, get more in-depth information and provide a complete look at the person or case.

We are finalizing The Book On Background Checks and anticipate this going on sale 4th quarter 2017. If you work in any type of case, it is helpful to know how to get all of the information instead of relying on databases which could be outdated or missing information. This book idea was sparked from our course taught at the Arizona West Valley Crime Coalition and utilizes investigative techniques used in law enforcement, private sector and to our investigators.

Did You Know?

Christine, our lead investigator, is also an acclaimed marketing consultant, having helped many legal services professionals (and regular companies too) launch and expand their businesses. Other courses coming online include marketing, technical and other subjects and we also provide one on one coaching. Let us know how we can best serve you.

Lastly, we support our community and provide investigative services free of charge through our organization Help Solve The Case. If you know of someone that has an unsolved mystery or cold case and needs investigative services, please let us know. We also never turn away assistance in time or monetary form.

Okay, that's a wrap! Have a great day!