Are you a process server or private investigator looking for continuing education and training or CE credits? If so, check out our newest class, The Police Report As An Aid To Your Investigation. 

Maybe you are stuck on a case and don't know where to turn....there could be a lot of information buried in the police department archives. Did you know there are more reports and sources of information other than the traffic ticket, accident report or incident report? We'll show you!

This class is taught by former a former police officer and current process service and investigation agency owner. You will learn the areas where information hides and how to get it. But first, you have to know that it exists!

This class is a great source of information for investigations, locating people for service and background checks. Learn more and register below.

Police reports contain a wealth of information. This class describes the anatomy of a police report, teaches you how to interpret the police report and how to use the information in your investigation. Case examples are provided.

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