I recently took a call from a potential customer. They were looking for a process server. They were in Apache Junction AZ and wanted IMMEDIATE service of process for a divorce in Scottsdale AZ. They asked the price, which I quoted at our standard rate, providing three attempts.

The customer appeared to be taken aback, asking "Only three? The other company offered five!" My response to that was that any good process server should make the service on the first attempt, negating the need for the second, third, fourth and fifth attempt.

One of the benefits of hiring an experienced process server is that they will get the job done, usually the first time. This comes from experience and in working with your customer to obtain all of the necessary information. Along with that comes the thought process to think through the service prior to going out there.

Things to consider are time of day, work habits, childcare habits, sleep habits, other residents or co-workers at the location and traffic in getting to the service location.

If you as a service professional take the time to ask the right questions, listen to your customer, evaluate your workload, evaluate the situation and the subject being served, you should be able to minimize your time and maximize your profits.

For the customer, you should be able to minimize your costs by ensuring that your process server has the experience, understands your needs and is properly able to evaluate the serving situation. That saves you from unsuccessful attempts and repeated payment for unnecessary trips.

What do you think?

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