If you have thought about a career in the legal field, or better yet, owning your own business, consider becoming a process server.

A process server is a private party, contracted by companies and individuals, who serves court papers (formally known as legal process) as required by the courts to parties involved in the proceedings.

Arizona requires process servers to apply and be certified. Once you are approved you are allowed to “serve” anywhere in the state of Arizona.

A process server can get work from a process service agency or start their own company. A typical service assignment can pay anywhere from $50 to $95 dollars and service takes anywhere from approximately 5 minutes to 15 minutes, not including drive time.  And, you can usually set your own hours.

One of the first steps in the process is to pass the examination, which is administered in each county in Arizona. For example, the next test is September 14, 2017 and it is held in Phoenix, AZ for Maricopa County. 

Not everyone passes the test the first time and it is important to study and thoroughly understand the materials involved. Because this test can be tricky, we have developed and teach an Arizona Private Process Servers Exam Prep Course. It is usually scheduled monthly in advance of the upcoming test.

The next class starts August 31, 2017 and it is live and completely online, meaning you can take it from anywhere, even your cell phone!

For more information on becoming a process server, you can schedule a free consultation with our Arizona Process Server agency owner, Christine by using the link here.