Are you in charge of your hiring? Have you really reviewed your job application and hiring process to ensure you are asking the right questions?

Not too long ago I was at a client site for a workplace investigation. Unfortunately they had an issue and we were looking at several employees to attempt to determine if they were involved. 

In reviewing one employee's application, we found that they had been "let go" from a past employer and many dates of employment only listed the years and not the months and days in the To and From section.

Without detailed dates we were unable to determine if the employee had been continuously employed or had a short-term employment pattern. In viewing comments stating "I was let go" we did not know if this was downsizing or a firing and there were no notes on the application from the hiring employee.

The application asked if the employee had ever been convicted of a crime but it did not delve into any past arrests. It also did not ask if there had been a firing or if the person had ever been asked to resign from a position.

Too, the hiring employee checked off that they had called all of the candidate listed references but it did not show that the hiring employee called the business to verify dates and to see if the employee was eligible for rehire or to inquire about the previous positions held.

As an employer, you may wish to review your hiring practices. I like to recommend that more than one person verify application details and also speak with the candidate to ensure no information is missed and to validate consistent answers. You may also wish to have a background investigation performed on the candidate or have a pre-employment investigation completed, especially for top-level employees,high-risk and trust related positions.

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