Yeah, yeah. It's a Zebara, right? But what's so special about this Zebra? 

It's not just black and white. Meaning, not just a private investigator or not a private investigator. Anything can have stripe and call itself one of the herd. Here's why you want to look past the illusion....

We have a number of "licensed" investigators in the state of Arizona and across the U.S. Believe it or not, there are still some states that do not require licensing. Yep, go figure!

I have heard from and met quite a few "investigators" since I started my agency here. It was amazing to me, and still is, how some of these folks got licensed.

When you are searching for an investigator, you want someone that stands out. That has a background built on many stripes of experience: law enforcement, formal education, significant continuing education and training, business acumen, customer service, organizational skills, commitment and good ethics. Oh yeah and one that has a history of doing the job right. Ask the hard questions before hiring someone. 

Don't just settle for any Zebra; it's more than black and white.