Obviously it easy to tell that someone is lying when you already know the truth or the answers to various questions. When you are not sure of the answers, and maybe are not sure what questions to ask, you have to rely on your evaluation of the answers.

As a private investigator we are usually asking questions and seeking answers. Most times we are just documenting information but frequently we are asked to attempt to determine if someone is lying or if they are credible.

Some of the ways that we do that, or at least I do that, are using body language, rate of speech, voice pitch and tone and the words themselves. With a wealth of years as an investigator, it is usually not hard to pick up on these clues; the brain is like the super computer or lie detection machine....information goes in and before I know it the bell is going off in my head to let  me know that something is not right.

I think one of the results of identifying untruthful behavior is that there is such a loss of trust - which the quote states above....once someone has been untruthful, especially about a stupid thing, it is almost impossible to trust them again.

Have you had an experience where someone has lied to you? Were you able to regain trust? Did the ramification of the incident make a difference?