Are you a small business owner? Congratulations on investing in your idea and yourself!

One of the considerations when opening your business is the fact that you can't do it all yourself and you are not a specialist in all areas.

A good investigative agency may be a resource for you in areas such as background checks for employees, partners and potential clients, due diligence, computer forensics and security processes, mystery shopping and employee investigations.

We hope that it never comes to this but unfortunately we have had quite a bit of experience with problem employees. If you suspect a theft or even a loss to the business from a breach of business data or violation of confidentiality or non-compete, we are able to help.

We always recommend doing your homework prior to hiring employees and before engaging in large scale contracts or partnerships and we are available to help if a problem or potential problem arises. 

We also work with attorneys in several specialty areas such as business law, real estate and intellectual property and may be able to refer you.

Wishing you the best in your business and please let us know if we may be of service to your business.