I have been working on a case with a judgement creditor and he pulled a comprehensive report and found that the debtor had not too long ago file bankruptcy. I was concerned that the judgment might have been included in the bankruptcy and recommended that the creditor check on this.

Unfortunately, he contacted me and told me that he just found out that allegedly the bk was included in the bankruptcy. This is one of the reasons that we strongly recommend pulling a comprehensive report before we begin any judgment recovery efforts because it gives you a good idea of the current status of the debtor.

One of the things that I also recommend to my clients is to ensure that you keep your address current with the court for any type of court case so that you can receive notifications like this should there be any action taken.

In this case we are trying to figure out whether or not he received proper notice. This is important in any type of proceeding, especially a bankruptcy, so that you can preserve your rights and be able to State your case so to speak.

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