Are you an Arizona Private Process Server in need of your annual 10 hours of CE credit? If so, you've come to the right place.

I would recommend checking out our Just $18 in '18 Continuing Education Class Bundle.

Yes, I know!

It's difficult to remember those 10 hours continuing education classes each year, let alone take them! Oh and let's not forget about paying for them :(

That's why I am so excited to announce our $18 in '18 program!

Now you can get all of your classes all in one place, for one low price.

Yep, each class is only $18 per class, a savings of at least $20 per class or $200 total!

What Can You Learn?

I'm glad you asked! These courses are in line with the approved subjects and totally related to your business.

Things like:

- Law Refresher

- Ethics

- Process Server Systems

- Finding and Locating People

- Process Server Best Practices

- Getting Great Clients

- and MORE!

January 2018 ClassEthics For Arizona Private Process Servers. Normally $39, you save $21!

February 2018 Class: The Most Common Types of Police Reports That Are Helpful For Process Servers, Private Investigators and Attorneys. Normally $49, you save $31!

March 2018 ClassProcess Server Systems Normally, $39, you save $21!

April 2018: Spring Break no class.

May 2018: Work Smarter, Not Harder. Marketing Your Private Investigator or Process Service Business Normally $49, you save $31!

June 2018Cash In On Customer Service, Normally $49, you save $31.

July 2018: How To Find People For FreeNormally $59, you save $41.

August 2018: Rules Review: Evictions, Corporations and Alternate ServiceNormally $29, you save $11.

Instead of just "getting it done" - you can get some great tips, tricks and techniques instead!

Here's how it works:

1) Each course is one hour in length, self-paced and online, and a certificate of completion is provided.

2) You sign up for the package and have access to your first course. You can take it now or wait and take it later.*

3) A new course will be released each month on a variety of topics helpful to you as a process server.

4) You will get an email reminder once the new course is online.

5) Depending on when you sign up during the year, all courses may be available.

6) You can take the courses on your computer, on your tablet or on your phone.

7) First class arrives January 2018.

8) That's it - sign up and SAVE!

*We recommend taking the classes in the months needed (i.e. you may need some sooner and some later, depending on your certification calendar year).

Why Should You Take These Courses From Me?

  • I work in this industry day in and day out and share the nuances of the law and practical scenarios to help you absorb the information better.
  • You are taught by an approved Arizona Supreme Court instructor who is also a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor and University instructor.
  • Since I am actively working, I am familiar with not only the technical aspect but the business end too!
  • I regularly coach, mentor and train process servers, private investigators and other legal professionals.
  • I make it fun!

You can also check out all of our other courses for starting, marketing and growing your process server or private investigator business at