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Have You Checked For A Bankruptcy During Your Judgment Recovery Efforts?

October 22, 2017

I have been working on a case with a judgement creditor and he pulled a comprehensive report and found that the debtor had not too long ago file bankruptcy. I was concerned that the judgment might have been included in the bankruptcy and recommended that the creditor check on this.

Unfortunately, he contacted me and told me that he just found out that allegedly the bk was included in the bankruptcy. This is one of the reasons that we strongly recommend pulling a comprehensive report before we begin any judgment recovery efforts because it gives you a good idea of the current status of the debtor.

One of the things that I also recommend to my clients is to ensure that you keep your address current with the court for any type of court case so that you can receive notifications like this should there be any action taken.

In this case we are trying to figure out whether or not he received proper notice. This is important in any type of proceeding, especially a bankruptcy, so that you can preserve your rights and be able to State your case so to speak.

If you need help with a judgement recovery or any type of case please feel free to reach out to us to our website and schedule a free consultation.


How Do I Serve Thee?

September 20, 2017

Are you having issues with finding a competent process server? Did you know there is more than one way to serve someone?  Difficult service is really not "difficult" at all when you know the other alternatives at your disposal. That's why we recommend hiring a licensed, experienced process server. If YOU are the process server and are frustrated with your "success rate", please give us a call or visit our school for technical training and continuing education. We are always happy to be of S...
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Speedy Process Service

September 14, 2017

Don't waste time driving around looking for a process server! Scan your docs to us and get them out the door and served faster!!!

Our process servers work in Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and we can serve electronic copies of documents.

Get the app from the App Store for iPhone or from the Google Play Store for Android. It's so simple!

Concerned about the data in the docs (you should be)...send us only the link and we can download the docs ourselves. Then we can send you a ...

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Are YOU Prepared For All Eventualities?????

September 12, 2017

We all love this saying but it sometimes seems hard to implement when we are dealing with someone we love, or parting with money. 

We (my family and I) are coming out of the most recent Hurricane Irma and it can be a very frustrating time. I remember going through Hurricane Andrew and the waiting seemed to be unbearable, along with all of the clean up after. Now, we are VERY thankful that the hurricane treated South Florida better than expected.

And, like with background checks, gut feelings, d...

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More Investigator Resources, Sooner!

August 23, 2017

Guess what? We have expanded our services to include the great state of Oklahoma with new offices based out of Norman Oklahoma.

We will continue with our full range of investigative services to include Background Checks, Criminal Cases, Asset, Bank Account and Employment Locates, along with Judgment Recovery, Cell Phone, Computer and Digital Forensics, Workplace, Employee or Corporate Investigations, Missing Persons, Death Investigations, SIU, Personal Injury, Worker's Comp, Cold Cases and mor...

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Update On Continuing Education And Training Classes

August 12, 2017

Hi, I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I wanted to send some updates on our classes and educational materials...

For Our Process Servers

First of all, congratulations to our most recent graduates of our Arizona Private Process Server Exam Prep course!!!! Way to go!!!!! Everyone passed the licensing exam and we haven't lost one yet!

If you are seeking licensing for process serving and you have not taken your test, we have just scheduled our remaining classes for October, November, Dec...

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Check Out Or Latest Video On Judgment Recovery

August 1, 2017

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New Class: Arizona Private Process Server Exam Prep Class

July 22, 2017

If you have thought about a career in the legal field, or better yet, owning your own business, consider becoming a process server.

A process server is a private party, contracted by companies and individuals, who serves court papers (formally known as legal process) as required by the courts to parties involved in the proceedings.

Arizona requires process servers to apply and be certified. Once you are approved you are allowed to “serve” anywhere in the state of Arizona.

A process server ca...

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How Does Judgment Recovery Work?

June 30, 2017
I thought I had this up here but maybe not.....

If you've got questions, please schedule a FREE consult with us on our website:

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New Class - How To Conduct A Proper Background Check

March 17, 2017

Been burned by a service worker or duped by a partner (business or personal)? How about relied on someone else to properly check someone out and learned the hard way that no one cares like you do? Or, do you just wonder what all the hoopla is about background checks?

If so, you've come to the right place!

In our How To Conduct A Proper Background Check class, you will learn not only WHERE to look for information but WHAT and WHY you need it!

Taught by a former police detective and working privat...

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